1. noselesspearl:

    But consider a Lilac Point Pearlcat.

    I couldn’t help but think they looked a bit like cats during this scene. The van’s not actually moving, they’re just purring intensely.

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  2. bugs


  3. thesageofspirit:



    the ambush hug

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  4. angie-collective:

    Hoverboards is confirmed in Freedom Wars.

    And Daft Punk helmets as well.

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  5. princesssilverglow:



    Maybe!  That’d be pretty cool.  What kind of game would people want to see?  RPG?  Platformer?  Flight-sim?

    My little sister once mapped out her idea for a SU game which had you go on missions and get powers and then you’d return to Beach City as a hub and play mini-games at the arcade to collect tokens to unlock different outfits and decorations for Steven’s room

    So like Platformer/lite-RPG hybrid with classic arcade minigames sort of thing

    I would totally play that.

    I’ve always felt like Steven Universe was pretty “video gamish”, it has missions and treasures to recover and boss battles and a hub world, I reckon a game adaptation could work really well.

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  6. When’re they gonna make SU toys? I want a Lapis Lazuli figurune, dammit.

  7. Love this enby.
(even if she sucks at photography)

    Love this enby.

    (even if she sucks at photography)


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